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The Side Plate

What these pictures show...

The top 3 pictures show Brexit Ware's original 'Weeping Willow' designs painted in blue water colour paint.

The next picture show the transfers made from the original paintings. The mauve is the colour of the pigment cobalt carbonate. The transfers are added to the surface of plain white plates. During firing in the kiln, the colour changes from mauve to blue due to chemical reactions at the high firing temperature (around 1040-1100 degrees Celsius). 


The finished product, in the last 2 pictures, is blue and white china Brexit Ware.

The Egg Cups

The Union Plate

Current work: this plate is being painted at the moment. Watch progress on this page, the Brexitware Instagram account and the Brexitware facebook page. This bone china oval serving plate is aiming to be for sale by the end of April...

UncertainTea cup and saucer

This piece refers to the early 20th century craze for tasseography - reading the tea leaves. Many different potteries produced their own tea-leaf reading cup and saucer. My tea cup was inspired by a J&G Meakin tea cup and saucer called Gypsy Teresa's Fortune Telling Teacup and Saucer

The words 'See where the tea leaves remain to read the future'

are a rim for the different outcomes associated with Brexit. Guaranteed to be more accurate than most other methods of trying for forecast what is in store for the UK.


The Dog Bowl

Brexit Ware's Dogs' Dinner

The Mugs

© AB Design: By Douglas Birchall and H. Coles

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