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April 2019

After meeting with the awe-inspiring Kate Kennedy at the V&A it has been confirmed that I shall be the artist / designer for the V&As DesignLab project for next academic year. Really looking forward to using print and clay (piles of it) to explore social commentary with KS3/4 school students from Stoke. We are going to take the project name literally and do loads of designing and loads of experimenting with different materials and techniques. 

March 2019

I am very excited that the Potteries Museum has contacted about me joining them as guest designer to deliver the laudable DesignLab September 2019 project in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum. 

February 2019

I have just sent off a complete set of the Blue and White Brexit Ware to The Walker Gallery, Liverpool's museum of  the decorative arts. They have purchased the set for their permanent collection. I am delighted that the pieces have found a safe perch in such a fine institution. Beyond that, my original aim for the project was that I record this period in Britain on bone china in the centuries' old tradition of political china. One fantasy was that a piece of Brexit Ware would turn up in a museum in 300 years time and there would be a sign explaining what Brexit was. Fast forward: thank you The Walker Gallery for realising this dream in my lifetime!

December 2018

Tomorrow I am expecting delivery of the final 200 egg cups pairs to send out for Christmas orders. Graham Lockett tells me that he is also sending what he thinks may be the last proof of the large oval plate. I am excited to see this, he has worked patiently with me to get the design and tonal contrast just right. I hope that there will be time, amidst the frantic packing, to fully appreciate the plate. Perhaps I can serve Christmas lunch to my family on it? 

October 2018

The artwork for UncertainTea is now completed and production is waiting its turn at Edwards and Lockett. Decorators and kiln space are working flat out in the run up to Christmas. This is the busiest period for the china producers in Stoke - from early September through to November. 

September 2018

Apologies for this gap in the blog. Sometimes life intervenes, but the creating has continued. A broken machine piece in Stoke on Trent has delayed production of the large plate - now called The Union Plate.  But a new design has overtaken the platter called UncertainTea.  So let's see if it can be on sale in November?

May 2018

Sad and troubled times in my life. But I woke up in the middle of the night recognising that I had done it. The rim of Brexit Ware's tasseographical teacup and saucer can carry the incantation See where the tea leaves remain to read the future... I'm chuffed to get those two words leave and remain onto the main message of the rim. We are all on this one folks - whatever you voted / think.

February 2018

The 'Harry Potter - a history of magic' exhibition at The British Library was rich with visual material reaching back into history. One thing that caught my 'Brexit Ware eye' was a fortune-telling cup and saucer. The Victorians used cups adorned with symbols to practice the art of reading the tea leaves or tasseography. With all of this uncertainty swilling around the UK's future there may well be scope here for a new piece for Brexit Ware? Let's see...

January 2018

Best wishes for the New Year! 

I am working hard on the third piece in the range - a large oval serving dish. I wonder whether walls will be as much in the news this year as last? Either way there is a wall making its way into the first draft of the serving dish. Keep an eye on Instagram and face book pages to see other source material for this third design in the Brexit Ware record of our times.


December 2017

A great visit to Stoke-on-Trent today. First port of call was to Spode to drop off more Hard and Soft Brexit egg cups to the Spode Works Visitors Centre shop. The shop manager, writer and art historian Michael Escolme kindly advertised his first batch on social media and they rapidly sold out. 2 days later he emailed me for more. So this time I quadrupled his delivery. It was amazing to discover that he had created a Brexit Ware display in his Aladin's Den of a shop. What a joy to have Brexit Ware sharing a building with some of the giants of blue and white china.

I can't recommend the shop enough. I managed to spend my entire earnings from the sales on                                                     plates featuring classic Spode designs - including Greek and Caramanian - on the spot.                                                               So much for earning anything from Brexit Ware. But a lot of it is vital R and D....

                                              (watch this spot). The prints from original Spode engravings are on my wish list too.


As I was settling my bill who should turn up but a man who was master engraver at Spode before it closed in 2008. Here is some background to what happened: 

It was a privilege talking with the engraver as he looked at my choice of plates and described how he had engraved the background to one of them. Michael also introduced me to a slip caster who was delivering some work. We discussed the possibility of him being involved in the prototype for another piece that I am developing for the end of next year. Another fortuitous, chance meeting with a creative person that just seems to happen in Stoke. Just as you need a slip caster one walks through the door.Then on to Edwards and Locket to the important business of production. The team were filling kilns and packing orders well after 7pm. That is the silly season before Christmas for you. 

November 2017

One last look at the BCB on the afternoon of its closing day after a busy morning with Graham at Edwards and Lockett getting the design for the egg cups finalised. Then on to the Spode Works Visitor Centre on Elenora Street. What a fabulous, emerging resource. Volunteers, amongst whom were some extremely skilled craftsmen - including the engraver Paul Holdway - who used to work at Spode, were busy installing a new case for showing china from their amazing archive. I spent a couple of hours researching in their collection in the Blue Room for my third piece in the Brexit Ware range now that the second is on its way to the kiln. There were experts demonstrating some of the painstaking techniques used in producing china, the mark of the hand is irreplaceable in crafts of all kinds. It is well worth a visit, check first to find out when they have demonstrations (and don't forget to make a donation towards this great project celebrating our heritage of innovation, industrialism and expertise):   



tel: 01782411421

Alan of Assured Packaging was very helpful. We managed to sort out the exact specifications of my order for cardboard boxes for my next piece in the Brexit Ware range...  

I'll be back next week to see the proofs of the Hard and Soft Brexit egg cups.

October 2017

Visit to Stoke-on-Trent to get a blank serving plate ready for painting the design. Graham at Edwards and Lockett had found me a super oval serving dish from Pollyanna China, top quality British made, bone china plate. I have all the elements of the design now and need to start painting them on to the plate shape before Graham can work his magic and make the cobalt carbonate transfers.

It was a great time to visit, the city of Stoke-on-Tre

ge. I also saw the haunting solo exhibition of Emilie Taylor's political ceramics 'Edgelands' which is currently touring the UK: this small exhibition is well worth a visit and is on in Stoke until 12th November 2017.

The British Ceramics Biennial (BCB) opened at the old Spode factory.  Quite a visit in that huge hall. I was interested to see that 3D printing is now being developed for making the clay body of an object (making a teapot for example ) and for applying pigment in varying depths to get the whole range from strong to faint colour. These 2 innovations were at the back of the hall; I wonder if the organisers thought they should remain there! The range of hand built and thrown claywork was superb. Lovely mugs for sale from different creative groups in the re-emerging city of art and culture (!) - STOKE-ON-TRENT. I bought 4. 

June 2016

Am left reeling after the referendum results. I was such bad company at home that I took myself on a leave of absence and drove up north. Rufford Park's Earth and Fire ceramics fair was a super pit stop. I enjoyed so many exhibits including Stephen Parry, Ruthanne Tudball and Paul Young.

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