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Brexit Ware's latest piece is a bone china teacup and saucer inspired by the Victorian fad for reading tea leaves - tasseography. This version - UncertainTEA - is designed to predict our future in 2019 and beyond.  Around the rim of the cup and saucer is the incantation 'See where the tea leaves remain to read the future' (see what I did there?). In the bowl of the cup there are various phrases bandied around during 2018. The tea cup is decorated in red, white and blue; the saucer is black and white.  But is anything really black and white? And whose red, white and blue is it? This product is entirely Stoke made. (If you want to buy two - see our special offer below, UncertainTEA for TWO.)

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UncertainTEA cup and saucer

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