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The 'Weeping Willow' side plate was the first product in our Brexitware range of blue and white china recording our times. It records the situation in the early days after the referendum in both Britain and northern continental Europe. Adapting the traditional 'Willow Pattern' story of thwarted love, it tells the contemporary story of an island separating from the European Continent, storm clouds brewing over Britain, refugees in an enclosure south of Calais and the prospect of sealed borders. Each plate comes with a list of features to look for in the design, and a map of where to find them.

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Some features that may be spotted (see picture with arrows):​

1 The coasts of Britain and north western Europe

2 Storm clouds brewing over Britain

3 Britons with wrecking bar and sledge hammer walking away from a wrecked bridge between the UK and Europe

4 Refugee parent and child in an enclosure south of Calais

5 Westminster shaken by the outcome of the referendum

6 Politics in Brussels

7 Positive EU legislation represented by better access for disabled around Europe

8 Changing trade rules between the UK and other EU member states

9 Angela Merkel watching over events as they unfold

10 A boat full of EU nationals leaving the UK to return to continental Europe

11 New trading alliances for the UK outside the EU

12 The 12 stars of the EU flag reconfiguring


Product specifications: 

8 1/4 inches (21cm) diameter

bone china

Dishwasher and microwave safe

Made in Stoke-on-Trent

Weeping Willow side plate: open edition

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